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We are looking for motivated pre-medical students to help build this movement to make our country’s politics and policies work for our patients and communities.


Engaging with fDIP as a pre-med student will:


+ connect you to a community of changemakers and mentors in medicine


+ give you a headstart on honing your voice as an aspiring physician advocate


+ empower you to make a lasting impact 

  • Communications Intern
    The fDIP Communications Team is responsible for creating and widely distributing promotional material to elevate the organization’s programming, advocacy actions, and growth. fDIP’s flagship event series include Rx: AdvocacyAction, where participants build skills in legislative advocacy and apply them through real-world engagement with Members of Congress, and fDIP H&P: Health and Policy, where we take a deep dive into the policies that drive health outcomes. The Communications Team is vital to fDIP’s operations because active engagement with the fDIP audience through social media and email are essential to the expansion of the fDIP network. The Communications Team Internship is an exciting opportunity for a student who is passionate about storytelling through visual design and writing to gain hands-on experience contributing to fDIP’s wide-reaching external communications. The expected time contribution is 2-4 hours/week. The intern will report to the Director of Communications. Responsibilities of the Communications Team Intern include: Supporting the publicity of fDIP National events by drafting text for event descriptions and social media. Designing visually compelling event flyers and social media graphics using the fDIP brand palette and style. Building out an outreach strategy for fDIP National events and helping spread the word far and wide about upcoming events. Assisting with post-event follow up, such as identifying inspiring quotes from an event to share on social media and editing raw event recording footage into a shareable highlights reel. The ideal Communications Team Intern will: Have graphic design experience with Photoshop or Canva, and be able to creatively adapt the fDIP brand palette and style to create unique materials for individual events. Have experience managing social media accounts for an organization, including but not limited to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Be a team player who is open to and responsive to feedback, and enthusiastic to work closely with senior members of the Communications Team. Promptly process post-event materials to sustain audience engagement with an event even after it occurs.
  • Recruitment Intern
    The fDIP National Recruitment Team is the first point of contact for the majority of individuals with initial interest in the organization. With leads coming from interest forms submitted via the fDIP website, direct emails, and personal connections, members of the Recruitment Team meet one-on-one with interested individuals (primarily medical students, pre-med students, and) to build a relationship and brainstorm together potential opportunities for engagement within the organization. The Recruitment Team is the crucial introduction to the organization for interested individuals; the Team plays a key role fostering initial interest and determining how organizational needs and priorities best align with an individuals’ interests and skills. The Intern will report to the Director of Recruitment, who will provide ongoing training and support regarding the recruitment process. Time contribution is expected to average 2-4 hours/week. Responsibilities of the Recruitment Team Intern include: Meeting with interested individuals one-on-one via Zoom to discuss fDIP mission, values, and opportunities for engagement Following up with individuals interested in leading fDIP chapters at their institutions to support completion of benchmarks to become an official fDIP chapter Connecting individuals to other national team/special project leads within fDIP as needed Maintaining a personnel database (via Airtable) of all individuals involved with fDIP Brainstorming and supporting development of improvements in the recruitment process pipeline The ideal Recruitment Intern is a(n): Responsive Communicator who responds to emails in timely, professional, and enthusiastic fashion, follows up with individuals longitudinally, promptly schedules and holds meetings, etc. Committed Movement-Builder excited about promoting the fDIP mission and opportunities to interested individuals and expanding our network of change agents Active Listener eager to hear about what moves people in the patient-centric political advocacy space and then work to align their interests and skills with fDIP organizational priorities and opportunities for impactful and lasting engagement
  • Network Engagement Intern
    As a rapidly growing organization, fDIP is building a diverse and expansie national network of medical students, faculty, administrators, lawmakers, organizers, and other stakeholders. With growth comes increased demands for communication and community-building. The engagement team serves as a hub for internal communication within the fDIP network about upcoming events and activities of different chapters. The Engagement Team is vital to fDIP’s ability to communicate with members, grow the organization, and foster a nationwide community of individuals working together to advance our patients’ health through political and structural advocacy. The Engagement Team Intern will be able to strategize and implement new projects including the new national series focused on the origins of fDIP and the growth of the movement. Additionally, the Intern will have the opportunity to plan activities to connect members more informally such as through virtual happy hours and socials. The time commitment associated is 2-4 hours per week. The intern will report to the Director of Engagement. Responsibilities of the Engagement Team Intern include: Attend weekly strategy meetings with the Engagement Team to discuss progress on past goals Brainstorm with current team members to design new programming and events that foster community-building within the fDIP movement more broadly Communicate with chapter leads to identify upcoming chapter events to be included in an organization-wide newsletter created by the Engagement Team Improve the communication strategy to increase awareness of engagement-specific programming The ideal Engagement Team Intern will: Enjoy thinking creatively to create new events and programming that appeal to a wide audience Have strong writing and communication skills they can leverage to inspire engagement in the movement Have prior experience with curating and disemminating organizational newsletters Collaborate well with others and be excited to consider and integrate different ideas to advance shared goals
Intern Descriptions
Pre-Med App
fDIP Pre-Med Intern Application
Which position(s) are you applying for?

If you are applying to more than one role, which one is your first preference?

If you are applying to more than one role, which one is your second preference?

Attach a 1-2 page letter of intent describing your qualifications for the role, relevant experiences, and why you believe in this movement to mobilize future doctors to drive patient-centric, equity-oriented political change. Please submit a different letter for each role to which you are applying if you are applying to more than one. 

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Attach a CV/resume. 

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If you are applying to the Communications Intern role, please include a sample work product re-designing one of the event flyers you see on our social media accounts. Bonus points for matching (or improving) our brand aesthetic!

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Thank you for interest in helping lead this cause! We will be in touch in the next 2-3 weeks with an update on a potential interview. If you have any questions, email us at

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